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News and Updates!


There's been a lot of changes happening in and around the studio. For instance, it's been a year and a half since the move, we've settled into Warren, OH now, has our own place again, and even a family church that we joined, my girls are enrolled in the high school and making good friends, even I have opened up in the world of a social butterfly. I've applied for one of the board openings at the local art council and am the social media director for the church we currently attend beginning in Jan. 2022.

Yes my dear friends, family, and avid readers, things are going swimmingly. Though I will never buy a mac again, they stink, I only had that $3k machine for about two or three months, when I went to install the new update, they fried my hard drive, it hasn't worked since. So I bought an all in one HP PC core I5 at Sam's Club for about $700 and it has served me well. in the year that I've had it, the only problem I have had was recently when it updated, it got stuck in a boot loop, but because I am a PC wizard was able to fix it immediately. 

I haven't had much opportunity to get out and start shooting yet, umm, sars2 and all, it's just hard to find anyone who wants to do photos although now at the time of this writing, seems like everything is starting to cool down, and go back to normal. no more masks cept when you visit the hospital or doc office. No more limitations on building limitations rather than the normal fire marshal allotment. So yeah, everything is good. 

My daughters are another year older, I'm volunteering at the church, and I'm just having fun living life, so if you got any questions, or want to talk just let me know. I'm always here. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. 

Almost Finished for Now!

As most of you should know by now, we've moved, picked up our entire life in Cecil County, Maryland, and headed out to Ohio to make a better living and reduce stress for us and our family. Warren, Ohio has been good to us so far, The wife has a great job working for Alorica, and the kids are acting better, the people are friendlier, I don't feel judged as much here for my size and weight, although, side note I've lost 29 lbs in a month in a half since the move out here.

So I've got that going for me. but our topic today is, "Almost finished for now" and it's true, I finally got my old, ancient, even jurassic era computer out of storage and as of now, even as I am writing this, I'm transferring my files off of the hard drive, all the photos from the kids when they were babies. photos of younger me and my wife. 

All of my old clients photos are being transferred to an external unit so I can transfer everything over to the new IMac that I got. For those of you wondering yes I finally joined the cult, I am a mac user now. even have an ICloud account, although I can't figure out how to actually get an email with @icloud it's not letting me, because I would prefer not to use my google account for that, but what can you do. 

Anyway, the reason why it's "for now" the title because although I technically have everything I need to work we have two major issues. One. we are still not in our own home, we thought we'd have a house by now and we don't still with the kind, sweet, and understanding mom in law, and two this "pandemic" that everyone seems to be worried about with the exception of myself and my family, which is another reason we don't have a house, pandemic, and credit score both don't mix well. It actually stinks. 

So that's the news for now, I am transferring files, we don't have a solid place to work out of even if we could work, which we can't because too many people are believing the hype around this pandemic, and not enough are fighting back to make our government tell the truth. 

But we're here, and we are taking jobs, so if anyone needs or wants portraits, be sure to contact us. if you are looking to spiffy up a room, a house, or looking for gifts for the family or friends. check out my shop. thanks.

Bless this Day!

As you may or may not know, DeFive Studios specializes in more personal customer relationships, as you read through our site we talk about dealing with clients one on one and in person rather than over the phone. There is another belief that we hold dear as well. The belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, which yes that means we have Christian values and strong rooted Christian beliefs, it's why we enjoy the business we're in and why we do the work we do. Because in our line of work we get to share with others, and show them that not all of us are as blasphemous and hateful as some churches like Westboro baptist. 

We like to show people who Christ is through our actions, our love, our dedication, and the quality we produce and strive for when working, or servicing others. DeFive Studios is all about Quality over quantity, We're about personal friendships and relationships, we're about families and we want to work with you. Before you run off trying to find someone at last minute to cover that wedding or high school graduation, before you fall into distress about trying to book someone to cover that sweet 16 or funeral. Before you feel like going insane for new portraits or baby pictures, why not try us. Use the contact us page to get ahold of me. Ask me questions, feel free to find out as much info as you would like and see if we make that connection you're looking for. 

You're not hiring us and we're not working for you, instead I'd like to think our relationship is like a symbiote two people working together to better our lives and our experiences, so let's work together to make your next photoshoot a dream come true.

Exciting and most Splendiferous News!

Today, DeFive Studios steps out of the darkness and into the light. Not only has our site been up and running for 12 years now, (our company anniversary was back in Nov.) but for the last 24 hours our NEW site has been up and running, and the most exciting part for us, we can now offer prints online through our new online shop. Just head over to the menu and click on Print Shop, and you can buy until your heart's content. 

Ohh my people, we're so excited here, and we're hoping you're excited too, this means more frequent uploads, more new and impressive content, and a whole lot of good things to come both for us and for you our friends and loyal customers. Thank you for being with us so long, and let's continue the friendship.

If you haven't done so already head over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flikr, and Pinterest and click those follow buttons. 

UPDATE: Thursday April 16, 2020

Today DeFive has made the decision, on a corporate level, to leave behind a template known as Rosie. As some of you know, we host with a site called bludomain, a small hosting company that has treated us well in the past. The way they work is after you pay your hosting fees which is only 100$ for the year you need to purchase a layout or template. These templates cost anywhere from $50-$150.00, but it's a one time fee and you get the template, it's yours. You can download the coding, the layout, all the love and work they put into it and take it to any other hosting site you'd like, I just host with them because it's easier for me. 

Anyway, so DeFive has gone with a new cleaner template and the template we've had for so long is now history, so this is a send off to Rosie, a 12 year veteran here with us for a newer updated Kailon template. We hope you love the simplistic look, the cleaner feel, and the new navigation that is Kailon. Thank you.